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Veterans in iHM Tech: Valued Members of the Team
James | August 22, 2019

Veteran-friendly employer…  We value our Veterans… Veterans welcome… I’ve heard all these phrases over the years and it’s becoming more frequent as I get further away from my Army days. This is a good thing, because companies are understanding and valuing what Veterans can bring to the table. However, this isn’t the case across the board, even from those companies that tout one or all the taglines above. In other words, some companies aren’t practicing what they preach.

Never Forget
Dave | September 11, 2018

Few will forget where they were, or what they were doing, 17 years ago today. As I was driving to work this morning I reflected on that morning and the years that have passed since. I can remember it in extraordinary detail. I remember who I was with, emotions, sounds, smells, colors, all of it. My #1 rule in life is: never assume you’ve had a worse day then the next person; it helps put things in perspective. And on that morning, I personally know people who lost it all.