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A great opportunity, an even better experience

Michael | August 09, 2019
2019 iHeartMedia Tech Intern Class

My summer internship has been somewhat different from that of my colleagues. Where other interns were massively involved in software development and pushing their products to production, I was involved in information security operations. Coming from a military background, I was used to a very different way of getting things done. This mindset was further reinforced through academia with the perfect scenario always being the end goal. This is not the case in the real world. I realized that the business not only has to bend to a budget but also to people that are part of it. Over the past couple of months, I have learned that getting things done is a marathon and not a “sprint”. My many conversations with the leadership team, to include the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), my manager and my mentor have been invaluable in understanding the security practices that have and will be implemented. My experience during the internship at iHeartmedia Tech has been stellar.

"I would say to anyone lucky enough to get into the program that they are going to have a great time and gain real-world experience in a place that has one of the best corporate cultures I have seen."

MP Coley
Intern, Cyber Security Associate

Interns with CIO & SVP in San Antonio HQ