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iHeartMedia 2019 Hackathon

Adam | October 08, 2019

Shakespeare said, "Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing."

Shakespeare never won a Hackathon, I’m guessing. That is some sweet, sweet victory, but I think it is true that joy’s soul lies in the ‘doing’. That’s why I’m proud to have helped coordinate our 2nd annual Hackathon event in San Antonio. I’m even more proud of the teams and their passion for technology.


To make the 2019 #iHeartMediaTech Hackathon a success, 100 engineers, architects, designers, product managers and operations engineers formed teams of 5 and spent 24 hours building their dream projects. Hackers came from all over the country and represented technology groups throughout the enterprise. We had members representing teams from the iHeartRadio team, Premiere Networks, RCS, and many more.

The competition was fierce, and we had a great time. Groups ate well and enjoyed professional messages, our own barista, masseuses, midnight burger delivery, live DJ’s and an awards ceremony followed by a celebration.


Teams presented their working software for a group of panelists consisting of Radio Executives, IT Leaders, Corporate Luminaries and our Global CIO. Projects included augmented reality, artificial intelligence, BI dashboards, image recognition, blockchain and of course the MUSIC! The judges panel had a blast but had the difficult task of picking the top three projects. Winning teams took home fantastic prizes including Bose headphones and 65” smart TVs.


Superlative awards were also voted on by fellow Hackers as bragging rights for:

  • Most Shippable - Team with the most shippable product
  • Most Innovative - Team that embodies the spirit of hackability, disruptors
  • Best Presentation - Team with the sharpest presentation
  • Best Team Spirit - Team with shameless spirit and unity
  • Best Engineering - Team of geeks extraordinaire

Judges Panel
Judges Panel - Steve Mills, Matt Martin, Jon Zellner, Andrew Jeffries, Tres Williams


Winning Hackers
Winning Hackers

If you are passionate about technology and want to join a team that emphasizes collaboration and exploration head over to http://tech.iheartmediacareers.com/. We are already looking forward to next year!