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Trust and Reliability in Software Delivery
Sean | February 27, 2020

There are many facets to a service’s reliability; most of them are measured in minutes and milliseconds.

Using The Moment JS Library: Cloning
Kevin | December 12, 2019

I discovered that the startOfWorkWeek function in our ReactJS app component which returns a momentjs object was returning a different moment of time each time it was called by a source. After some debugging and reading documentation of MomentJS, it was realized that the object is mutable and any time you call, an attribute of the object it mutates.

iHeartMedia 2019 Hackathon
Adam | October 08, 2019

Shakespeare never won a Hackathon, I’m guessing. That is some sweet, sweet victory, but I think it is true that joy’s soul lies in the ‘doing’. That’s why I’m proud to have helped coordinate our 2nd annual Hackathon event in San Antonio.

Our Greatest Privacy Challenges Are Yet to Come
Dave | August 03, 2018

Last week Facebook lost twenty percent of its market value – $100 billion, over concerns of the cost of privacy regulations and financial consequences.  This was the largest sell-off of a single publicly owned company in Wall Street history and a warning for all companies who collect, process or otherwise transact privacy data.  Facebook is not alone. Organizations large and small are facing challenges in how they protect data with which they are entrusted.