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4 Things I learned as a Junior UX Designer
Holly | September 17, 2019

1. Find a workplace mentor. Jumping into the real world right out of college can feel daunting. Having someone that you can learn from and help guide you is essential. Your mentor doesn’t even have to be an expert in your field but it certainly helps.

Why is User Experience (UX) important to the Enterprise?
Cherri | February 26, 2019

User Experience is the study of the interaction between the company and the customer or employee. It could be a website, software, mobile application, brand colors, banners, or even a greeting at the door. The interaction between any company and their customers starts with the employees. If employees are happy and feel valued, they are more likely to stay and work for the benefit of themselves and therefore, the company. This allows the happy employee to interact with the customers and coworkers in the most professional and respectful way.